Saturday, October 27, 2007

Go Ahead or Stay Behind - Globalization Redefined

Now I'm reading ‘The Lexus & The Olive Tree ‘by Thomas Friedman. For readers of this blog, who have not read this book, this book is about Globalization which rules the 21st century. He has compared how the world is transforming from the Cold War system to the prevailing Globalization system. The title might look irrelevant to what I have said before. Let me help you to understand why the title is about Lexus & Olive tree. Friedman, while he tries to compare both the systems’, he shares his experience of visiting the Lexus car manufacturing factory. He would emphasize the productivity [No of cars made in an hour/day] of Lexus factory. He Projects how fast the world is moving. Now the Olive tree comes, where he would talk about people or country that preserves their Traditions & Cultures. So, it’s understood in which direction the world is moving and what would happen if countries are reluctant to get hold of the pace.

In this blog, I would like to give an example to Friedman’s work. The news which hits the daily newspapers main pages is about the execution of SETHUSAMUDRAM PROJECT. One side, the concerned ministry tries to complete the project soon, thereby enabling the sea trade with the reduction of 350 nautical miles [650 Km] travel distance. On the other side, people oppose this project by claiming that the bridge which lies inside the sea was built by Rama, should not be destructed.

The example given before perfectly aligns to Friedmans’ thought. World steps ahead fast with innovations, advancements what ever. At the same time there are some hindering forces existing.

Finally, it’s all about choice which Countries, States and Individuals chose.

Whether you "Go ahead or Stay behind"

NOTE – The blog does not discuss about which is RIGHT or WRONG. It identifies an example to Thomas Friedman’s thought. Might be, he would include this example in future editions if he reads this blog. [That’s greedy.]


There is a section called CONTRAPUNTO been added daily in ‘The Times of India' Newspaper. There were two catchy contrapuntos’ which drew my attention

  1. Definition for Politics – ‘’Poli in latin means MANY, tics means – BLOOD SUCKING CREATURES’’ said by Robin Williams
  1. Funny one – ‘’ I don’t worry about Terrorism, because I’m married for two years’’ - Unknown

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Perfect Manager

I had a conversation with my brother-in-law, who is a PMP certified project manager. We were discussing about our work. He said he holds lots of responsibilities nowadays. He is onboard to manage 3 managers, all together 97 people under him. That is a huge figure, because managing 97 people is really a tough job. Having a bird view, I could say, pulling every one at a time to accomplish a task is itself a big job. I could not think beyond this. I asked him, what you really do. The answer was very crispy. He said, ‘I MUST KNOW TO ASK QUESTIONS’. Answer was a spontaneous one. I did not proceed to think about this immediately. Later, when I was on the way to my office, I had a thought about this answer. I thought that was a perfect answer. Managers’ subordinates think in different ways. Only thing that brings all those subordinates in coherence are the questions that their superior (Managers’) puts forward. The questions that the superior asks makes those subordinates focused. In my experience, I have seen many managers just pressurize their subordinates to accomplish a job. But that should not be the practice. Technologists always would have focus on many things. But only the manager’s, who is supposed to streamline their priorities, facilitate them with what they need. I’m aware of many qualities that a manager is supposed to have. But this point is a valid one that I have to add to my wisdom, which would be useful in future. Readers of this blog, please be aware of this which might be useful when you become a manager. If you have already become a manager, just imbibe this quality. If you have been practicing this, then feel good that you have this quality.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Carried away by.......

Started writing blogs with great enthusiasm. But stopped for some time now. I could justify for not writing blogs to defend myself. But I don't want to do that. I should feel guilty, which I take it as a punishment.

Now days, I start my day with a walk and workouts in the morning. I talk to myself while I'm involved in these activities. I would plan to read newspaper for at least 15 mins to keep myself updated about things that happens around me, to turn over few pages of my favorite book. Though I plan several things, I could do only few amidst my schedule. I don't say I'm running behind a HECTIC SCHEDULE. Never I would. Never I should. But its my mistake for not continuing good practises like writing blogs or whatever that counts in me.

So, I would like to come up with a plan to post at least one blog a month

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Heaven & Hell on Planet Earth

Any guesses about what I’m gonna talk? That’s ok if you could not. Yesterday (March 17, 07), I had to drive my Yamaha RX 135 for about 80 Kms. The journey was not preplanned. I had to help my cousin for a crazy purpose of picking up one of his Sandals, which he had left it some where under the tree on his way back home after a small trip to some place, which I could not recollect it when I drafted this blog. He would not have bothered to pick up the sandal if it had cost him less. He got it for much higher price.

We started around 16:30 hrs. Reached my cousin’s house around 19:00 hrs. When we started, I was told that the place ‘is only 25 Kms far away’. But the distance counted to 40 Kms. Guys, think driving 2T (2 Stroke) Yamaha, 80 Kms Up & Down, tolerating the Bangalore traffic. And for readers’ information, I was wearing a thick jean.

Initially, with lot of energy I could manage driving for few Kms. But after that, I felt very hard to reach every kilometer. Finally we reached the place to pick up this high cost sandal. With 5 mins break, again I had to start my machine. And my cousin was not comfortable driving this Yamaha with different gear patterns compared to other vehicles. After few mins of drive, I checked the time. It was around 18+ hrs. I had to switch on my machines head light. But the power was not enough to drive. I managed to my best and parked my machine at my cousins flat.

Now, time to take rest. I spent lot of time to wash my face. Finally, sat on a chair and briefed our journey to pick up my cousin’s sandal to our family mates. Left them to laugh for quite some time and I took time to think about driving in this Bangalore traffic.

With the peacefulness at home and traffic disturbance, pollution (noise, air) while I drive, my mind wishes to interpret, ME in HEAVEN & HELL.

After reading this blog, you would certainly have the same feel while you drive for a long time (being in Hell) and when you find peaceful time at home (in Heaven).

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Absence of my mind made me A Watch Man

Having been occupied with lot of challenges, I could not find time to fill down my blog space with stuff. But I thought I should not miss to write this funny blog. Since day one of my service with Huawei, I'm having lunch at Madison (office canteen). Food is pretty hygienic and tasty enough there. One day my colleagues wished to try having lunch at some other place. With no option left from my side, I joined them for lunch. As I’m in the process of leaving good impression on them, I’m choosy in putting forward the ideas or what ever which you readers could understand what a normal guy would do to make friends. So on that day, I was walking on the Leela entrance corridor, taking silent looks at the hoardings which read Levi’s Rivet, Barista. We crossed the Leela entrance corridor, a signal, Reuters building and were marching one behind the another towards Madhuri Grand, a good restaurant about which I had no idea about the quality of food at that time. While I was WALKING, I was looking at the buildings, cars which passed by, but my THINKING was about the money which I would have to spend. At Madison, they accept food pass. So I tore few Sodexho tokens and left my desk for lunch. I was shocked when these guys wished to have lunch at some Grand. So I started thinking about the expenses while walking. With this process running in my mind, I had lost my presence of my mind. At one instant, I had to stop for a while to allow a car from a complex to pass. Here comes the funny part. The gate was opened outwards and there was a watch man already there to pull the gate to close. As this intelligent man trying to solve a complex problem to just pay for a lunch, went one step forward to hold the gate, close it and lock it. Happy that these guys moving ahead of me didn’t see my crazy job. I felt embarrassed and by passed my look at the watch man and other people. Thank God nothing serious had happened here in colorful Bangalore.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Leander - The TENNIS ACE

Guys, I wrote this blog immediately after watching the tennis matches played by India Vs Thailand, Japan. For your information, I’m not a sports guy. So it’s obvious that I do not know much about the rules, of any game. But I have interest (less) in watching few games like cricket, tennis….. I usually watch the matches at the last moment, and only if India takes the lead in any match.

Last night, I watched two tennis matches (of 15th ASIAN GAMES @ DOHA) played by India against Thailand & Japan. I was really IMPRESSED by looking at the AMAZING performance by Leander Paes.

The whole credit of lifting India should go to Leander. The matches were also played by Mahesh Bhupathi (India Vs Thailand) and Sania Mirza (India Vs Japan). The fascinating thing was Leander played in both the matches. But the other two’s performance was not really good compared to Leander’s. Every time Leander raised the score, Mahesh and Mirza would pull it down. I mean in their respective matches. Ok. Let’s not talk much about Mahesh and Mirza. We should also appreciate them for their moderate performance without which India would not have succeeded.

Every time when Leander was pulling his Japanese counterparts down, his style in expressing his joy was unique. This really inspired me. He was quite aggressive too [Leander has informed the press that he will not play with Mahesh on regular basis…This might be due to Mahesh’s underperformance]. But again it’s a sport right. I just don’t want to compare Leander with other top players in the world. His performance at Doha this year should be appreciated.

Finally, I would say, these guys who play with great energy should be paid more than we pay for cricketers.

Now I have become a big fan of